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The OEO/AA is responsible for ensuring compliance with the following University policies:
Policy 1-012, University Policy 1-012: University Nondiscrimination Policy. Rev. 2
Rule 1-012, Discrimination Complaint Rule
Rule 1-012A, Discrimination Complaint Process Rule
Rule 1-012B, Sexual Misconduct Complaint Process Rule
Guideline 1-012AConsent 
Guideline 1-012B – Advisors and Support Persons
Policy 5-106, Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Employment
Policy 5-117, ADA Policy, Reasonable Accommodation and Access
Policy 1-015, Safety of Minors Participating in University Programs or Programs Held on University Premises
Rule 1-015A, Safety of Minors – Code of Conduct and Reporting Obligations

Related Policies

Policy 1-020, Required Professional Boundaries in Relationships
Policy 1-021,  Respectful conduct in the academic and work environment
Last Updated: 12/21/22