Prohibited Discrimination

Discrimination is partiality or bias in the treatment of a person or group that is unfair or illegal. Not all discrimination is illegal. One can be subject to unfair treatment that is not illegal under University policy or state or federal law. An example would be being treated unfairly because someone doesn’t like you or because of your political affiliations. Illegal discrimination is treating someone differently based on a protected class. A protected class is a group of people protected against discrimination by University policy or by State and Federal law. At the University of Utah, the protected classes are:   Color, Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, Age, Religion, Disability, Veteran’s Status, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Genetic Information..

University policy also prohibits retaliation against individuals for engaging in protected activities, such as filing a discrimination complaint or participating in the discrimination complaint process.

If you believe you have been the subjected to discriminatory conduct, you may file a complaint with our office.  

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